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The new hit series on ATV in Turkey starring among other Kenan İmirzalıoğlu from Ezel and Bergüzar Korel from 1001 Nights in a story of honor, revenge and impossible love. The series gathers a cast of the very top of the Turkish drama scene. Mahir grows up part of a happy family during the 1970’s. His father – Nazif - is a good man with a strong moral code, who is respected in the neighborhood, except by dishonest and criminal people, who dislike him.

On the evening before Mahir’s wedding Nazif is found guilty and sentenced to death for a murder he did not commit. Mahir becomes the head of the family and commits to finding the true killer, sacrificing his own happiness. His quest for justice is complicated by an impossible love story involving the judge who holds his father’s fate in her hands...

Karadayi is the clear star among new series in Turkey this fall. Starting from a strong 14%, the share has grown steadily and recent episodes have achieved a stable share of over 25% and even better results in commercial targets.

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