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Kuzey and Güney are brothers, yet they cannot be more different, both in character and the way their local community sees them, much like their names, which are North and South. Despite their differences, the disparate brothers still fall in love with the same girl, Cemre, who has just moved into the neighborhood. While the older brother Güney strives in school and is the good boy next door, his younger brother is nothing like him, he is wild and unpredictable. Kuzey is dreaming about passing the military academy exams and having a successful career as a soldier.

The only thing the two brothers have in common besides their attachment to each other is that their dreams go further than the bakery of their father, Sami. While making a delivery, they get involved in a hit and run accident where the victim dies and Güney is picked up by the police. To save his brother from jail, Kuzey steps in and takes the blame. The story begins when Kuzey gets out of prison and the family reunites. Kuzey has to pick up the pieces and sort out his life as the two brothers try to win the heart of Cemre, the woman they have both loved.A compelling family drama about the rivalry between two bothers.

Kuzey and Güney are brothers with very different characters. But they have two things in common: they are both ambitious to escape a life working in the family business – a life that their father wants for them - and they are both in love with the same girl from their neighbourhood: Cemre.

Although Kuzey seems to be wilder and more charismatic, he is very shy when it comes to Cemre. He has not been able to tell her how he feels. Then, the day before both brothers take their college exams, he decides he has to tell her. But when he arrives at her house, flowers in hand, he sees that his brother Güney and Cemre are already close. He is devastated and turns against his brother. He begins to drink and gets into a fight with his father. Drunk, he tries to drive, but Güney tries to stop him and drives the car himself, but because they are arguing, Güney gets into a car accident in which someone is killed. Because of his grudge against his brother, Kuzey takes a decision which puts Güney in his life-long debt. He takes the blame and goes to jail for him.

When he gets out of prison four years later, Kuzey knows his life will never be the same. Now he has permanent scars on his body and mind. He received a fatal wound during a deadly fight in prison and spent most of his jail time in hospital. He also made enemies during that time, enemies that will haunt him as he tries to live his life as a free man. When he returns to his neighborhood, Kuzey learns that his brother and Cemre are engaged and decides to go away. First, he decides to join the military. This has been his dream since he was a child, but his prison injuries mean that he fails his medical.

Kuzey decides to leave the country and in order to earn the money he needs he starts taking part in illegal fights. For every physical punch he takes in these fights, Kuzey gives emotional punches to the people closest to him. While Kuzey is in prison, Güney gets closer to his goals. When his brother gets out, Güney is about to graduate. His college friend Banu Sinaner, daughter of the wealthy Sinaner family, is obviously attracted to him and flirts with him openly, enjoying Cemre’s jealousy. Güney’s ambitious personality and his familiarity with her family company, Sinaner Group, make Banu confident that she will win Güney’s heart sooner or later. Cemre dreams of leaving her simple life through marrying the ambitious Güney.

But Cemre has not realized that Kuzey has feelings for her. The truth is that she was also in love with him, but she could never see a future with the hot-headed Kuzey so she chose the more stable and respectable brother, Güney. However, during the time Kuzey was in prison, Cemre has come to see that she is living out her mother’s dreams and not her own. Already questioning her own choices, Cemre is thrown into confusion when Kuzey’s closest friend, Ali, tells her the real reason Kuzey went to jail. She also learns that Kuzey is in love with her and is shaken by this information. When Kuzey realizes that is feelings for Cemre are no longer secret, he starts to see a girl named Simay.

Simay is the first person he gets the chance to be involved with and is a random choice for him, not a serious relationship. To begin with, Simay also thinks it is nothing serious, but in fact, the handsome Kuzey will change her life in ways she did not anticipate. Güney and Cemre start to have second thoughts about their relationship. Confused, they panic and propone their marriage. This decision hurts Kuzey deeply and when Banu hears about it, she is even more attracted to Kuzey. Against her father’s will she decides that she must be with Güney. Meanwhile, Cemre has learnt about the accident and her confidence in Güney is shaken. Kuzey tries to patch things up between them but this only makes Cenre feel closer to Kuzey. Güney realizes that Cemre was the real reason his brother lost control on the night of the accident. Now, for him, Cemre is not only his girlfriend, but also a girl with whom his brother is in love. Instead of upsetting him, this situation suits Güney, since now he can justify getting closer to Banu.

Banu is happy to be with Güney and wants to cut Cemre out of his life completely. And now Kuzey’s old prison enemy, Ferhat, gets out of jail and is after Kuzey. Ferhat is the man who almost killed Kuzey in prison. His plan is to use Cemre to get to Kuzey. Life is difficult for Kuzey. Nothing seems to go well for him and now Simay tells him that she’s pregnant. Kuzey does not really want to marry her, but he is not the sort of person to abandon the responsibility of a baby. Kuzey marries Simay but after they are married he finds out that she already had an abortion. Once again, Kuzey is cheated by somebody he should have been able to trust. Things have changed for Cemre, too. She was angry about the way Güney treated her. Keen to find a way to get revenge, she gets a job with Sinaner Group. Now she has a chance to show Güney how disloyal he has been. And now Banu’s step brother – Barış - starts to have feelings for Cemre. But Cemre has had the opportunity to understand more about Kuzey.

She has fallen in love with him because of his compassion to others in every situation, his selfless sacrifices and the sensitive heart beneath his roughness. For Cemre, Kuzey’s bravery and honesty sets him apart from every other man she knows. She realizes that Kuzey doesn’t love Simay and is sure that their marriage will end someday. A while later, Cemre gets what she expects when Simay cheats on Kuzey. After Simay leaves his Kuzey, Cemre is hopeful of a relationship with him, but this time another woman, Zeynep, gets in the way. Zeynep is the daughter of a sales man from their neighbourhood who has moved back to Turkey after living in the USA. Kuzey and Zeynep embark on a relationship and Cemre decides to keep her feelings to herself. Kuzey clearly feels that he has to be apart from Cemre even though he loves her, because of Güney. In order to start a new life and pay his debt to his old enemy, Ferhat, Kuzey starts to fight again. This time Güney informs the police in order to stop an illegal fight that he is afraid will hurt his brother. As a consequence, Ferhat ends up in prison again with a bigger grudge against Kuzey than before. Kuzey is angry with Güney because he makes him fail to pay his debt to Ferhat.

Kuzey is also angry with Güney because he uses money that the brothers have in common for a business project. Kuzey had planed to use the money to pay debts. But Güney gives Kuzey a stake in the new business he is setting up instead of cash. The product they work on is called “Makara” and it becomes quite successful because of Kuzey’s street wise way of thinking and Güney’s business know-how. Kuzey is very attached to their joint project and works hard to make the business a success. Güney starts to gets jealous of his brother, on the surface because of business, but in fact because he cannot get over his sense of obligation to his brother. He decides to teach Kuzey who is the boss and cuts him out of their joint business. Kuzey realizes that he owns nothing. Banu and Güney announce their wedding but Cemre is not that bothered by it. What bothers her is Kuzey and Zeynep who are getting closer every day. Kuzey treats her as a friend and shares his troubles and sorrows with her and Ali. Ali is furious that Güney cheated Kuzey again. He convinces Kuzey to set up a test to reveal Güney’s true character.

Güney has told Kuzey that he’s sorry and has been full of regrets all these years, so Kuzey and Ali stage an accident similar the one before. This time Kuzey is driving. Now it’s the time to pay Kuzey back for what he did, but Güney does not take that chance. Güney, Kuzey realizes, would never make this sacrifice and leave the wealthy life he lives. Kuzey is now over Güney and tells him that “they are not brothers anymore”. Simay gets an apartment during divorce proceedings, thanks to anonymous help from a stranger. It seems like she has a guardian angel, who organizes many gifts for her and she accepts them. When the day to file for divorce comes, Simay doesn’t show up at court. Kuzey gets angry but can’t reach her. At the same time Simay realizes that her anonymous helper is Ferhat and now she feels obliged to help him. When Ferhat calls Kuzey to tell him that he has Simay, both of them know that it’s the first round of their deadliest match. Kuzey realizes that his loved ones are in danger because of him.

Ferhat now plays for high stakes. He wouldn’t mind killing Kuzey but he would prefer to make him commit crimes that would put him in jail for life. In order to find out who is closest to him, Ferhat buries Kuzey alive and sees that his best friend Ali is the one who saves him. Kuzey understands that Ferhat is extremely dangerous. He decides to stay away from everyone in order to protect them, including Zeynep. Seeing Kuzey keep his distance from Zeynep, Cemre opens up to Kuzey and tells him that she loves him. Kuzey can’t respond in words but let’s her understand that he also loves her. But the reason their love is impossible love is Güney. Due to him, their love “won’t get old or low but can’t be real”… Kuzey starts struggling on many fronts. On one hand he wants to succeed in work against Güney, on the other hand he needs to protect himself and his loved ones from Ferhat, and he wants to deal with his love for Cemre but not be unfair to Zeynep. Meanwhile Barış Hakmen, step brother of Banu, is getting closer to Cemre and he proposes to her. She rejects him instantly because she has never given up hope about Kuzey. The night Güney and Banu get married, Kuzey gets an important lead to Ferhat. The secret reveals Ferhat’s weak spot - Ferhat’s wife who has been assumed dead for a long time.

To keep her quiet, Ferhat has to kill his wife who he was genuinely attached to, although in a sick way. This makes him more raging than ever and he wants to finish things with Kuzey. He makes a plan to hurt Kuzey in the same way. He collects all his loved ones together. While Kuzey is trying to save their lives, he realizes that he’s in the wrong place and who the real target is, but it is too late. Ferhat kidnapps Ali and while he is on the phone to Kuzey, Ferhat gets his revenge by making him hear the shot that kills his best friend. When Kuzey catches up with him, Ali is dying. With his last breath, he entrusts his fiancée and mother to Kuzey and tells him to be with the one he loves.


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Kuzey and Güney are like the different directions of a compass. The characters and dreams of these two brothers are different. The only thing that they have common besides their attachment to each other is that their dreams go further than the bakery of their father, Sami. Kuzey is dreaming about winning the military school exams and having a successful career as a soldier. Güney is dreaming about going to the university and making a good career for himself. However they will have to change their fate to be able to realize their dreams. A new page opens in the brothers lives when Cemre and her mother Gülten move to their neighborhood. Cemre’s existence brings new color to the lives of the two brothers. They soon realize friendship with Cemre but they also fall in love during this period.

However, Gülten has different dreams for her daughter and that’s why she doesn’t approve the bond her daughter has with the Tekinoğlu boys. Over the years Handan got used to her unhappy and loveless marriage to Sami. The only thing that keeps her dreams of a better future alive is her son, Güney. Güney’s hard-working and quiet approach helps control Kuzey’s temper. A day before the university exams, there will be an incident between Sami and Kuzey which brings about “that night” that will disrupt the lives of the Tekinoğlu family forever.

The boys were on a delivery in the car, when Güney hits a pedestrian and flees the scene. The man dies and the police come to collect Güney, but his brother Kuzey steps in and takes the blame and jail time. Over the years, Kuzey will have to keep the real story behind this incident as a secret in his heart. Kuzey and Güney are like black and white, even though their characters are separated, the two brothers are closely bound to each other... After “that night” each of them will have to carry their own share of fate as a burden, for life.

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Kuzey has regained his freedom after serving a four year jail sentence, but he understands now that he will not be able to regain the life he once had. His anger took him to the place where it all started, in front of Cemre’s house. Seeing Güney and Cemre together, his wound that he hid deep down will start bleeding again. Kuzey tries to hide his pain with his fury, but he realizes that after those four years he’s the only one that has lost everything. Sami is aware that he can’t keep Kuzey with them now that Kuzey’s only dream has been taken away from him because he confessed to Güney’s crime. Kuzey can’t bear to be near his family and Cemre anymore. The only way out for him is to leave to a far away place. In his own way, he finds the money he needs to move away. Güney finds out that his brother is endangering his life by participating in boxing matches. He tries to stop him, but he’s unsuccessful.

The night of the accident was buried before the brothers could have a confrontation about it. That night pulled the brothers apart, with no chance of improving their relationship. Güney is left alone in his remorse of letting Kuzey confess to his crime. Gülten has never approved the relationship that Cemre has with Güney. She has other dreams for her daughter. With the release of Kuzey, she has even more reason to be concerned about Cemre. She knows that Kuzey loves her daughter as well. Another person besides Gülten is aware of Kuzey’s love for Cemre. Banu, an old classmate of Güney’s becomes more and more interested in him. Cemre has a feeling about this and thinks that Güney has an interest in the Sinaner Group, owned by Banu’s father. Güney’s interest in the Sinaner Group gives Banu more confidence in her plans for him.

Sami and Handan’s marriage anniversary takes on a different direction when Cemre and Gülten also join in. Things between Cemre and Güney get strained, when at the last moment Güney has to accept an invitation of Atilla Sinaner. The same night, Cemre finds out about Kuzey’s secret boxing match so he’s forced to take her with him. Kuzey will be endangering his life, however Cemre will be the one to get the first blow when she learns the truth about his feelings.